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Myrtlebank farm is a family owned and operated farm business offering locally farmed produce directly to you at our farm gate.

Al's Kitchen

Al’s Kitchen is a local home based farm business. Al and Karen spend their days nurturing their 10 acre orchard and veggie garden.  Al specialisers in creating old fashioned favourite’s including jams, preserves, sauces and other condiments from their garden.  
On the weekends you can find Al and Karen offering their goodies at the local farmers markets and 7 days a week they are available here at Myrtlebank Roaming Farms.
We are lucky enough to have Al’s cooking skills to make some of our ready made meals  including beef lasagne, gf egg and bacon quiche, gf spinach quiche, egg and bacon pies and vegetable frittatas.


Coltish Pork

Coltish Pork is a local family run farm business with farmer Vicki at the realm. Above all else they passionate about ethical, free range farming. All their happy pigs are treated with kindness and are free to roam in large grassy paddocks, wallow in the mud and generally forage around and do what pigs love to do. They're raised on chemical-free pastures and grown slowly without any growth hormones or antibiotics.
Farmer Vicki and her family are third generation farmers.  Vicki first started rearing pigs in 2004.  
Coltish Pork also have a wide range of gourmet pies too including flavours ranging from pulled pork, chicken mornay, organic beef, pepper and mushroom to lamb, red wine and rosemary and so so many more available at Myrtlebank Roaming Farms and at farmers markets that Vicky attends.


Maffra Cheese Co.

Ferial Zekiman is the lady behind Maffra Cheese Co. Ferial started Maffra Cheese Co. in 1997 to increase the value of her raw material – milk from their dairy farm. Even though the factory has grown in size and she now has about 30 people in her team, the cheeses are still hand made, using very little mechanisation. 
Maffra Cheese is available at supermarkets and specialty shops and we are super happy to have a large range of flavours available at Myrtlebank Roaming Farms also.


Yuill Bloom

We are Tahnee and Luke from Yuill Bloom Flower Farm, Bundalaguah, specialising in mixed flower bunches, grown locally by locals - available at Myrtlebank Roaming Farms and privately. 
We are spray free and cut and bunch on the same day. Our flowers range from poppies and roses in the spring, to dahlias and zinnias in the warmer months. We also supply local cafes with edible flowers including violas, cornflowers, nasturtiums, lavender and marigolds. 


Forsyth Farm

Forsyth’s Farm is a local family farm, growing seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round for over 40 years.

They are based near Stratford, and are well known at local Farmer’s Markets for their fresh produce and, most importantly, minimal use of pesticides so don’t be shocked if you find a nibbled cauliflower leaf! 


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